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Teaching with Sketchpad

Why Teach with SketchpadVideo Icon

Listen to teachers describe how Sketchpad helps their students—and themselves—learn and deepen their understanding of mathematics.

Sketchpad in the Classroom

Watch teachers and students at various grade levels describe how they use Sketchpad in their classrooms, and follow links to in-depth articles and sample activities.

First Steps

Find out how teachers learn to use Sketchpad, hear them describe how they introduce it to their students, and read answers to common teacher questions.

Sample Activities

Explore this library of more than 40 classroom-ready activities—organized by subject area and level—that address a wide array of mathematical topics. Each activity includes an overview, teaching notes, student worksheet, and sketches as needed.

Sketchpad LessonLinkVideo Icon

Preview this searchable online library of hundreds of activities for students of all ages, aligned to textbooks, standards, and content strands.

TrainingVideo Icon

Learn more about how to use Sketchpad by attending a webinar or viewing archived webinars. Or immerse yourself in learning how to use Sketchpad to teach content in specific math courses or grade levels by taking a multi-week moderated online course.