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Using Sketchpad

Getting Started Tutorials

Learn how to use Sketchpad while exploring central mathematical ideas. Follow step-by-step instructions supported by online videos.

Sketchpad Tips

Explore dozens of tips—provided as both comic strips and short online videos—that give you a quick overview of Sketchpad's tools and menu commands.

Reference Center

Browse, search by topic, or use the index to find the information you need in this comprehensive reference manual. You can also access the Reference Center directly from Sketchpad's Help menu.

Online Resource CenterVideo Icon

Consult an extensive collection of free resources for Sketchpad users, including sample sketches and tools, an advanced sketch gallery, and information about software updates. You can also access the Online Resource Center directly from Sketchpad's Help menu.

Sketch ExchangeVideo Icon

Use this site to share sketches, ideas, and questions with your peers in the Sketchpad community. You can also access Sketchpad Sketch Exchange directly from Sketchpad's Help menu by selecting Sample Sketches & Tools.

Sketchpad Explorer for iPadVideo Icon

The Sketchpad Explorer app allows you to use your
iPad to interact with, and investigate, any
mathematical document created in Sketchpad.